Case Study

Xmas Party

Building the concept

Once upon a time, companies would organise and pay for Christmas parties. Today, it is becoming more and more common for companies to take a hands off approach to the party and simply contribute an amount towards the final cost. It is left to members of staff to choose and coordinate the Christmas party.

For the staff members involved, this is a thankless task as they try to coordinate all the different members of their department or the company to agree on the sort of party they want. Furthermore, companies are growing increasingly stingy about the amount they will contribute and very often individual members of staff have to cough up a little more cash to get the party they want.

Our system allows those unlucky staff who are doing the organising to get everybody on board and to choose the most popular option for the party. The budget, the restaurant and the date can lead to a highly charged debate until they arrive at a consensus. What our system does is to poll the staff and then book the restaurant or venue at the agreed time. It will then collect that little bit extra that may be required. Ho Ho Ho!