We are GoBananas

One big family being super creative.

Sholto Ramsay

CEO / Founder

Founded in 2003

The Vision

People are happy when they are with other people. Social Networking does not make us happy - it just makes us lonely! We need to gather our friends around us and make things happen that mean something and which we will remember for ever. We don't remember Facebook posts or Instagram stories. What we remember is the laughter, the hugs, the silliness and the moments we hug each other! That is what GoBananas is about - bananas come in bunches and so do humans!

The Evolution

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Jessica Ngyuen

Graphic Design

Esteban Sanchez

Animations / Audio & Video Edit

Need a Job?

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Giorgio Versace

Cinematograph / Photograph

Mica Svanson

Graphic Design / Web & UI Design

Kyra Banks

Management / Communication

Albert Wesker

App & Website Development