Groups Trips & Events Made Easy

GoBananas -
Social Travel App

Everybody knows how hard it is to organise a groups of people!

We make it easy! Gather the group, ask what people want, find & reserve, Book and split payments. Easy-Peasy!

Social is More than Selfies

In a world of social travel, here's one that you can actually DO something with!

In a social world where you can message, snapchat, tweet just about anybody, you would think that there would be an easy way to get a group together, make some decisions and then go off and have some fun. Normally the only tool in your arsenal is a spreadsheet, your email and the phone. With those three you have to herd all the cats, chase people for decisions and money and just hope that no one pulls out at the last minute leaving you to pay their costs.

Our system takes care of managing the group, finding things to do, booking them and making sure that everyone pays their way and gets to the right place time. Sweet!

Understanding Groups

Every group is different and yet every group is the same.

Groups are different for a varity of human reasons. The people in the group have different hopes and fears as well as different expectations about the outcome. How that plays out within the group situation depends on many different factors.

Groups are the same when it comes to the process. Every group has to go through the same steps to get the job done. It doesn't matter whether it is an extended holiday or just an event for one night.

What we Do

We are solving the problem of gathering and organising groups of people who want to do things together!


You can ask your group for dates, budgets, activities. You can even include real products for them to vote on.

Filtered Search

Different group types need different products. You can filter our search by different criteria to surface exactly the right products for your group

Split Payments

We break all the costs between the members of the group so the organiser does not need to risk or burn their credit card

Different Products

Our system supports over 100 different product types. Each has business rules ensuring that they all add right for the customer's itinerary

Unified Messaging

Talk to us by email, phone, whatsapp, SMS, live chat or facebook. It is all integrated into our system!


We can package up a whole weekend into one price

Flexible Booking

We give organisers lots of time to get their numbers sorted out before the final confirmation.

Group Segmentation

We divide our customers into different group types so we can display itineraries in different ways and talk with them in different tones of voice.

Staggered Payments

You can pay it all in one go or you can pay little by little.

Beds to Bar Crawls

We offer every travel and event product you need to make a complete weekend or just a night out. We can combine them all into different packages so organisers to sell into their group members/

What we Offer

Bar Crawls


Party Boats

Beach Sports

Party Dance Classes

4x4 Driving

Cocktail Making Classes

The GoBananas Difference

  • We only do Groups:

    We specialise in groups. We dream about groups. We read about groups. That's our thing! We are not about product types, but how we can help groups of people have amazing, memorable experiences.
  • It's about building amazing moments:

    A lot of travel companies are all about selling rooms or flights. We sell amazing memories to people who spend too much on their time on their own so they can share their lives with friends!
  • Local Knowledge:

    We don't believe in offices in Shoredich or Manhattan. We believe in local knowledge and contacts so we can craft crazy good times for our customers.
  • A unique system built for groups:

    Our homemade software system was designed from the ground-up to support the group customer journey.
  • Everything You need:

    We don't just sell beds or single products. We offer every type of activity you can think of from the adventurous to the interesting. We have something for literally anybody!