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Social is More than Selfies

In a world of social travel, here's one that you can actually DO something with!

In a social world where you can message, snapchat, tweet just about anybody, you would think that there would be an easy way to get a group together, make some decisions and then go off and have some fun. Normally the only tool in your arsenal is a spreadsheet, your email and the phone. With those three you have to herd all the cats, chase people for decisions and money and just hope that no one pulls out at the last minute leaving you to pay their costs.

Our system takes care of managing the group, finding things to do, booking them and making sure that everyone pays their way and gets to the right place time. Sweet!

Understanding Groups

Every group is different and yet every group is the same.

Groups are different for a varity of human reasons. The people in the group have different hopes and fears as well as different expectations about the outcome. How that plays out within the group situation depends on many different factors.

Groups are the same when it comes to the process. Every group has to go through the same steps to get the job done. It doesn't matter whether it is an extended holiday or just an event for one night.

  • Groups Made Easy?

    Social networking has made it easy to send selfies to all your friends. However, try planning a party with friends and acquaintances and suddenly life becomes difficult! Our group travel app makes it easy to organise your friends, plan your travel and get everything booked and paid.

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    Herding Cats

    Our tools can manage the impossible!
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    Pocket sized solutions.



    Tools to drive decision making


    Paid Up

    Easy group payment systems.



    Organise & manage your itinerary.


    Golf Story

    Our tools keep the booking process on course!
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